In the heart of the Netherlands, a vision came to life in 1997. Poelman Group began as more than just a company; we wanted to redefine the essence of footwear and accessories for everyone. Born from a desire to blend creativity, functionality, and style, we embarked on a journey that exceeds borders and genders, offering appealing collections for every season.


At our core, we are creators, innovators, and dreamers. Our collections range from branded lines, licensee products and private label collections. We are the home where original designs, licensed masterpieces, and bespoke creations coexist, all under the Poelman banner. Our world is an ecosystem of design, development, production, marketing, sales, and distribution. Efficiency and supreme quality aren’t just goals; they’re our baseline.


We stand firm in the conviction that unity creates success. Poelman Group thrives on partnerships, boldness, and innovation. Our team isn’t just dedicated; they’re dynamic, embracing flexibility to seize and create opportunities. This is our formula for staying ahead, always in motion towards the next breakthrough.


In 2015, we introduced our first label, PS Poelman, targeting a commercial audience of men and women who value good value for trendy shoes. PS Poelman offers shoes that are not only fashionable but also affordable and of excellent quality. We exclusively work with the finest leather from Europe and stay constantly updated on the latest trends, ensuring our collections are always up-to-date with the newest fashion. Our shoes are carefully crafted in both Europe and Pakistan, with craftsmanship and quality at the heart of the production process.

Discover POSH by Poelman, the brand that combines quality and style for the modern consumer. Our collections are specially designed for women and girls looking for trendy shoes and accessories that accentuate their unique style. What sets POSH by Poelman apart is not only affordability but also the fact that all our products are leather-free, making them suitable for a wider audience. Our collections are constantly refreshed, ensuring POSH by Poelman always offers the latest trends and styles. Our motto is to provide trendy attractive shoes at the right price and at the right time!

At HABOOB, we draw inspiration from everything around us - from people to urban environments and pristine nature. We see ourselves as a powerful sandstorm, a natural phenomenon symbolizing our passion, creativity, and strength. These core values form the basis of our shoe production. HABOOB is developed with conscious women and men in mind who fully embrace life and appreciate the beauty it has to offer. Our shoes are intended for women and men who forge their own path, value quality and style, and seek shoes designed especially for them. With HABOOB, we offer a unique collection of shoes, focusing on craftsmanship, comfort, and style.